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Sterilizing Gym



Ryan Companies is pleased to announce that the AdvantageHealth at City Center Fitness Center is open for use. This document provides communications and instructions on how Property Management, fitness staff, and tenants can work together to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Please read the following information before returning to the fitness center. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Face Coverings

Masks are no longer required in the fitness center. Please consider wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated and/or when social distancing is not possible. 

Member Guidelines

To prevent the spread of illness members are required to be in good health prior to entry into the fitness center.


Additionally, members are encouraged to:

  • Respect the comfort level and boundaries of all members and staff

  • Read all of the policies listed here as well as any signs posted in the Fitness Center

  • Contact the Program Manager ( with any questions

  • Pre-plan their workout prior to entering the fitness center

  • Limit items touched in the facility to only the items needed

  • Wipe down all equipment before AND after use

  • Use weights that you can comfortably lift without use of a spotter

Entry Spaces

Hand sanitizer is available to members upon entering and exiting the facility. 



To ensure all members are knowledgeable of all new fitness center policies, AdvantageHealth will communicate fitness center policies through member emails, social media, website, and posts throughout the fitness center.


Cardio and Strength Equipment

All equipment is available for use. Please use the provided wipes to sanitize equipment before and after each use. It is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat for classes. 

On-Site Amenities

All amenities are available as expected prior to the pandemic. This includes shower access, towels, mouthwash, shampoo/conditioner, hairspray, etc.  Please use these supplies at your own risk. 


Personal Training Services

Members who wish to attend in person sessions with their Personal Trainer may request that staff wear a mask and staff will readily comply. We will continue offering virtual options for the foreseeable future. Please contact ( if you’d like to learn more.


Fitness Staff Requirements

Staff will be required to wash hands frequently throughout the day per CDC guidelines. To ensure safety compliance, staff were required to attend a COVID-19 training prior to returning to the fitness center. AdvantageHealth staff members will abide by a specific COVID-19 policy in the event of becoming ill or coming into contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.


Fitness Center Use for Outdoor Activities

Members may use the fitness center to change and do their workout outdoors.


Fitness Center Airflow

Property will continuously maximize fresh-air and eliminate air re-circulation. 

Cleaning Procedures

During Fitness Center Hours

Custodial staff will sanitize common touchpoints and other equipment as needed at 9am and 3pm each day. Please use the provided wipes to sanitize equipment before and after each use.

Outside Fitness Center Hours

Custodial staff completes a deep cleaning of the fitness center, locker rooms, and common areas every night. 


Fitness and Wellness Programming

Fitness and wellness programming will be offered both virtually and in person to accommodate both tenant employees that are in the office and still working from home. Programs will be modified so that challenges or activities can be accomplished in various settings and with multiple equipment options. AdvantageHealth will listen for member feedback on programming ideas, content, and execution to best accommodate the needs and safety of all members.

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