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Lee Moffat

I fell in love with fitness at the age of 17 after beginning my weight loss journey. I understand what it is like to start from scratch and not be fully comfortable in the gym so I made the decision to major in exercise science so I could help others overcome their insecurities and work towards improving their quality of life. I went to college at Winona State University, earning my degree in exercise science. Following my graduation, I leaned into personal training and group fitness. I’ve been a personal trainer for about 4 years and have about a year and a half of group fitness experience. I’ve worked with clients from every walk of life helping them achieve goals that varied between improving their athletic abilities or goals that were more concentrated on heart health and disease prevention. Whether they were seasoned athletes or just starting their fitness journey I was able to help them achieve their goals. I have worked with athletes at every level from middle school up to a few professional athletes I had the opportunity to train while in my internship. However, my greatest passion is helping those who do not have much experience exercising and getting them to reach levels that they never thought were possible. Whether their goal is to increase mobility, mend an old wound, increase quality of life, or trim body fat I work my hardest to help them achieve their goals.


Outside of fitness, I enjoy spending time outside. Whether it is camping, hiking, or just lying in a hammock reading a book. During the winter months, I try to stay active by going snowboarding as often as possible. Staying in motion and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is something I strive to achieve every day.


BS Exercise Science

Winona State University


ACSM Personal Trainer

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